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Our Services

Having mould issues? Or planning to protect areas from harmful microbes?

With the team at STERNG, place your trust in us with our utmost precision in advanced cleaning, viruses & mould elimination as well as anti-microbial protection that would harm your daily lifestyle and work productivity.



Get expert analysis and advice from our specialists, and make use of integrated facility maintenance solutions tailored to your needs.

Mould Inspection

Suspect you have a mould problem? Book an inspection now with our trained specialists and identify the root causes of your mould issues before it's too late.


Mould Removal,

Our 5-step Mould Removal and Remediation solution, intricately customised for various set of mould problems, carried out thoroughly with maximum expertise by our team of mould specialists.

Home Cleaning

We believe in comfort in housing suitable for all 3 generations living under one roof. Our team of cleaning specialists provides safety from hazardous micro elements that may harm your normal daily lives.


General Disinfection

Using the optimal concentration of chemicals, our trained specialists provide effective decontamination services without damaging the environment.


Indoor Air Quality Testing

Using our advanced high performance equipment for rapid indoor air & surface testing and analysis, our trained specialists quickly detects and accurately identify air quality & other atmospheric environmental issues.


Anti-Microbial Coating

The application of Anti-Microbial Coating formulas by our team of specialists helps prevent the spread of viruses and harmful bacterias on frequently touched surfaces, providing protection for yourselves to those around you.

For more enquiries, you may book a FREE CONSULTATION with us by clicking the link below OR contact us at +65 8899-9231 /

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