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STERNG provides general disinfection services for both residential and commercial settings.

Transmission in shared spaces

Many pathogens, including the virus that causes COVID-19, are transmitted through the air on particles such as dust or bodily fluids through talking, sneezing, or coughing. These particles land on surfaces, and cause transmission.

To minimise the spread of disease, we need to keep our surfaces disinfected. For example, when eating at a hawker centre, wiping down the table with a disinfectant or wet wipes. However, certain diseases like COVID-19 are highly contagious. If you, your loved ones at home, or your colleagues at work have unfortunately contracted it, your house or office is highly likely to still have the virus lingering around.

How we can help

Our trained specialists offer disinfection services to help disinfect the entire premise, as well as provide a layer of protection on surfaces to minimise the spreading of pathogens.

Our comprehensive disinfection solution is split into 3 steps:

1. Air Disinfection

The house is sprayed with our proprietary disinfectant (alcohol base, or water base if preferred), to eliminate any bacteria or virus in the air or on any surface. This is especially important for poorly ventilated areas, where the air can be stale. The chances of viruses spreading are much higher and the virus is able to stay within the room for much longer.

The disinfectants we use are completely safe for children, so you can have peace of mind for your little ones.

Sanitizing Elevator

General Disinfection


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