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Mould appears everywhere, even in the most unlikely places.

Depending on the type of mould, the air around the mould can potentially be very dangerous to breathe in, as mould releases microspores into the air that can infect our lungs. Book a mould inspection and let our trained specialists identify sources of mould growth in your home or office.

Moisture: The biggest culprit

Understanding moisture levels in your home is vital to seeking out the root cause of mould growth.

Common moisture sources


Singapore's wet and hot weather results in a very humid atmosphere. The mean annual relative humidity in Singapore is 83.9%, frequently reaching 100% during rainy seasons. Water vapour in the air easily condenses on surfaces in our homes and this encourages mould growth.


Bad plumbing or old pipes could cause leakage, resulting in soaked walls or ceilings, which are prime locations for mould to grow.

Ground water

Subsurface intrusion by ground water could cause water to seep into floors and cause mould to grow. Occurs more commonly in landed properties.

Water points

Taps, drains, sinks, showers, bath tubs are where water is designed to flow. As such, moisture can seep into the furniture around these water points, encouraging mould growth.


The difference in temperature inside and outside a cold room could cause condensation to form on the walls and door frames, encouraging mould growth.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Units frequently have condensation issues, due to poor insulation or trunking, resulting in leaks. This could cause mould to grow under, or behind the ACUs.

Structural faults

Structural damages or badly constructed buildings could cause rainwater to flow into the ceilings of buildings, frequently occurring in landed properties or penthouses.

We're here to help

Our goal is to help protect you and others from harmful mould.

If you suspect mould is present in your homes or offices, do not hesitate to book a free mould inspection. We will help to diagnose the issue and prescribe a solution to help you prevent future mould growth and to kill off the current mould colony present.

Mould Inspection


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