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4 Reasons to Use Antimicrobial Coatings

Mouldy Wall

Whether you’re in a residential or industrial space, it’s not uncommon to find mould and harmful microbes in indoor environments in Singapore. These filthy microorganisms that thrive on the high moisture levels of our humid climate are not just visually unappealing, but also dangerous to our health. Especially in industrial settings such as manufacturing plants, mould presents more than just an inconvenience, they contaminate products and may even result in costly recalls and a damaged reputation. While the consequences of mould infestation can be dire, it doesn’t mean they are inevitable. In fact, antimicrobial coatings can prevent mould growth and facilitate greater cleanliness. Let’s explore why incorporating these coatings is a smart move for various industries.

What Are Antimicrobial Coatings?

Antimicrobial coatings are designed to protect surfaces from the proliferation of bacteria, fungi, mould, algae, and other harmful pathogens. Formulated with special ingredients, such as silver ions or other powerful compounds, these coatings act as invisible shields that hinder microorganisms from colonising and multiplying. 

Why Should You Use Antimicrobial Coatings?

1. Effective Mould Prevention

Have you noticed some unsightly stains on your walls or musty odours lingering in the air? If yes, you might have an unwelcome visitor – mould. While professional mould removal services in Singapore offer a solution, the problem may recur and prompt the need for a more proactive approach. This is where antimicrobial coatings come into play. These coatings contain substances, such as silver ions or quaternary ammonium compounds, that target and break down the cells of microorganisms like mould, mildew, germs, and fungi when applied to surfaces, effectively preventing the growth of these organisms.

Professional Mould Removal

2. Hygiene and Cleanliness

Maintaining high standards of hygiene is a top priority for any industry, but especially so for a food processing facility or a pharmaceutical plant. When an organisation chooses to violate hygiene standards, whether voluntarily or accidentally, they expose their spaces to increased contamination risks, which will lead to unsafe products and health hazards for consumers. Moreover, not adhering to these guidelines can affect quality control, resulting in product defects, regulatory non-compliance, and other issues related to product safety and integrity. Fortunately, antimicrobial coatings are here to add a protective layer, actively resisting the accumulation of mould to reduce the risk of cross-contamination among bacteria and viruses. 

3. Odour Control

Imagine working in a stuffy environment filled with unpleasant odours, stale air and dampness. In industrial spaces, such conditions often stem from odour-causing microbes, particularly mould. These little troublemakers produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as part of their metabolic processes, creating a musty and revolting smell. To combat this issue, you can consider finishing your surfaces with antimicrobial coatings. They work to prevent mould formation by serving as a protective barrier. Once the odour clears, you’ll get to enjoy a fresher and more conducive indoor environment.

4. Long-Term Protection

Investing in antimicrobial coatings not only addresses immediate concerns but also safeguards the long-term integrity of your industrial facility. Microbial growth can degrade surfaces through corrosion, staining, and deterioration. However, antimicrobial coatings are able to mitigate these issues. These coatings are engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions like moisture, temperature fluctuations, and chemical exposures, thus protecting equipment, machinery, and infrastructure from microbial damage. On top of that, antimicrobial coatings are more durable than traditional ones, requiring minimal reapplication. Thanks to the special additives infused into the coating formula, they become part of the coating structure to provide long-lasting protection against microbial growth.

It is undeniable that incorporating antimicrobial coatings offers numerous benefits. They have the ability to address common challenges faced by businesses in Singapore, creating more productive environments for all.

So why wait? Take the proactive step towards a healthier industrial space today with antimicrobial coatings. 

STERNG offers comprehensive services for mould removal, cleaning, and prevention. We are committed to protecting your premises and well-being at all times.

Contact us now and let us lend you a helping hand.


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