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Mold Removal Services

✓ 100% Fast Response

✓ Free Onsite Mold Inspection

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Your Mold Removal Specialist, chosen by Singaporeans nationwide.

We prioritize the health of you and your loved ones, ensuring that you have a clean and hygienic space to live in. Improve your indoor environmental wellness today, with STERNG.

Our steps:

Mould inspection

Step 1.

Firstly we have to identify the root cause of mold growth, which involves identifying the cause of humidity and where the mold came from.



How do you remove mould?

Depending on the type of mould and surface, we apply suitable mould killing products. We apply these products through wiping and fogging.

Why do I need you?

Off-the-shelf products or remedies are not effective at completely killing mould. Self-cleaning mould may potentially be harmful to your health as mould becomes airborne when wiped. This may also cause mould to land on other surfaces and spread throughout your property.

Can we tell you why mould is growing?

Yes! In our initial free mould inspection, we deduce the root cause of your mould issues and recommend preventive measures in a report to maintain your mould-free property.

Are your products safe?

All of our products are non-toxic and safe for use in the home.

Will I have to move out?

For most clients, we recommend them to be out for the few hours while the treatment is carried out. Upon completion it is completely safe to stay in the property.

What do I have to do after you remove the mould?

Upon completion, we include preventive measures in our post-treatment report to keep your property free of mould. You may also call us back if you face any issues in maintenance.


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